Messianic Ministry in Gaithersburg, MD


About Or-HaOlam Light of the World

Here at Or-HaOlam Light of the World Ministry, we do all that we can to glorify the Lord. The primary way we achieve this is by worshiping God, as there is no better way to glorify God and the Messiah than for the people of God to come together and praise Him. When we worship together as a congregation, we aim to build relationships with one another by practicing faith and righteousness. Through our teachings, services and feasts, we work to preach the message of Yeshua to everyone who attends and all people throughout the world, of any nation.
Our faith finds its roots, like the original followers of Jesus, in the Hebrew Bible known as the Old Testament. We have the questions and answers that you seek. If you have long felt an absence in your life, the light of the Messiah Yeshua will fill that space. Our ministry has been teaching the ancient Hebraic roots of the Bible for many years. We want to provide you with these teachings so that you can grow in your faith and take the Word of God out into the rest of the world and positively affect everyone with whom you interact.
However, our primary goal is to worship together, whether through our weekly Shabbat services or during the many feasts and celebrations that we host throughout the year. We also hold dance practice here at the ministry. Anyone can sign up for practice, which is typically held after each weekly service. This dance is used during the service. We look forward to seeing you here and getting to know more about you.
Call 301-355-7833 to learn more about Or-HaOlam.
Jewish Holiday Shabbat — Or Haolam Light Of The World Ministry in Gaithersburg, USA